I am an iOS developer with 3+ years of professional experience, plus plenty of app building during my university years. I have worked for an app agency where I helped build several vastly different apps. This exposed me to many different technologies and aspects of the iOS SDK.

I am a graduate from Full Sail University in the Mobile Development Bachelor’s program. The program covers design, web apps, iOS apps, Android apps, mobile games, business, and marketing. I graduated in April 2015 with a 3.76 GPA and was awarded the honor of Valedictorian of my class. I had no programming experience when I entered the program and was lucky enough to show an aptitude for coding as well as thoroughly enjoying the process.

I currently live in Union City, CA and am interested in iOS opportunities in the Bay Area.

I currently have an app in the Apple App Store, iAspire for Actors. I also have a couple of side projects in the works that I’m very passionate about. Feel free to ask me about them!

If you would like more information or to connect with me you can find me on LinkedIn or head over to the Contact page to shoot me an email.