Ink After Pink

Demo app created in Swift Playgrounds as a scholarship submission for WWDC17. App was selected as a winner. Ink After Pink is an app for women who have had a mastectomy due to breast cancer and have to decide between nipple reconstruction or tattoos. App allows users to “try on” various tattoos to see what style they like and ultimately make a decision.

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Movie Night

Final project app for Full Sail University. A social app for people who want to read and share movie reviews with their friends. Like Goodreads, but for movies.

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iAspire For Actors

iOS app available in the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. App randomly generates inspirational quotes from actors about acting.

FeedTheFire5 FeedTheFire4 FeedTheFire3 FeedTheFire2 FeedTheFire1iaspire2 iaspire1 iaspire4

Yoga iPhone App

App created for Mobile Development Frameworks I at Full Sail University. Created in Xcode with Objective-C. Demonstrates the use of UITableViews, Custom Objects, Singletons, Tab Bar Controllers, Navigation Controllers, NSTimer, Audio File, and Map frameworks.

YogaPoses YogaPoseEdit YogaPoseDetail YogaTimer YogaTypes YogaNews YogaNewsDetail YogaBusinesses YogaMap

Demo App

App created for Advanced Visual Frameworks. This app was created to demonstrate the use of native features such as camera, notifications, compass, and geo. It also demonstrated the use of the Instagram API and a movie database API. The app was created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It was pushed to iOS and Android with PhoneGap.

DemoAppHome DemoAppMap


Airline App On Android

This is a design for a fictional airline created for Mobile Media Design II at Full Sail University. It was designed in Illustrator.



Movie Journal Web App

This is an app created for Visual Frameworks at Full Sail University. It is a movie journal app to log movies you’ve watched. It was created with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while saving to local storage.

VFWMovieJournalHome VFWMovieJournalAdd VFWMovieJournalDisplay  


SOAir Airlines Photoshop Comps

These designs were created for a fictional airline in Mobile Media Design I at Full Sail University. They were designed in Photoshop. The first is for the mobile website and the second for desktop.

SoAirMobile SoAirDesktop